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    - at Ventura, CA

    Taking the QUANTUM Leap to Wi-Fi RADAR! -...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle, we forgo our sail to Santa Cruz Island and hit up Ventura to install our new Raymarine Quantum Q24C Radar. After sailing over a thousand nautical miles in what seems to be endless fog, we get this vital piece of equipment on basik. Just in time for fog to follow us. Come back next week to see where we head off to. See you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you...

    Sunset in Aegina (Greece)

    Sunset in Aegina (Greece)

    - at Santa Barbara, CA

    Just Another CRAPPY Episode - Onboard Lifestyle...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle we leave the Santa Barbara Marina and look back on our two week visit. Emma gets her new school year kicked off, Linh rants a bit, Compass falls ill, and Teal gets elbow deep in petrified poo! Come back next week as we plan a few more projects at our next stop...see you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you are interested in helping us produce these videos then...

    In Turkey scuba diving is prohibited unless you're accompanied by an authorised Turkish dive guide. There's a very good reason for that rule and in this week's video we show you why the rule is in place.

    Plus we get to meet up with Kevin & Dee who are fellow YouTubers.

    Enjoy the video and read all about that in this week's 'his' and 'her' blogs. Links are in the first comments below.

    Cheers, Baz &...
    Show more - at Bodrum Kissebükü Koyu

    Why is scuba diving not allowed? - Sailing A B...

    In this episode of Sailing A B Sea we ask the question why is scuba diving not allowed and the 15th century fort at Bodrum provides the answer.We also motor sail to Kissebükü and meet up with Kevin & Dee from Sailing Kejstral Adventures. Check out their sailing channel here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_TXBvLqimTelcfKu2Dkfg For your convenience, we’ve included Amazon links. As Amazon...

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