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    Natalie Pavey has a new avatar. 4 hours 21 minutes ago

    - at Agua Verde, MX

    Spinnaker RUN to Bahia Agua Verde - Onboard...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle we leave the quiet fishing village of San Evaristo and have a nice downwind sail to Bahia Agua Verde. Linh whips up another fantastic meal underway and the crew gathers other cruisers for a hike to a Cochimi cave painting site. Come back next week as we continue our push north...see you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you are interested in helping us produce...

    - at San Evaristo, MX

    Chased Out Of An Amazing Anchorage - Onboard...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle we spend a few days at Isla San Francisco and explore this wonderful island before sailing to a more protected anchorage in San Evaristo. The crew on basik is in full cruiser mode now and plan to keep pushing north as Mexico's hurricane season ramps up. Come back next week to see where we sail to...see you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you are interested in...

    Keith SHAVED has a new avatar. 1 week ago

    SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA - On 29 July 1943 during the Second World War in Santa Maria di Leuca one of the most dramatic events related to the underwater fleet of the Royal Navy took place.

    The submarine Pietro Micca 2 of the Italian fleet was hit and sunk by the Trooper submarine of the English navy which hit a practically uncovered target. The Italian crew consisted of 72 men, 54 of whom were...
    Show more - at Santa Maria di Leuca



    Saving you more of your cash, we show you how to make a whisker pole.
    Enjoy the video guys.

    Round the Pole? Making our own! OTB 151

    Round the Pole? Making our own! OTB 151 Our links Buy us a beer; paypal.me/SVImpavidus Website; https://www.svimpavidus.com/ Patreon page; https://www.patreon.com/SVImpavidus Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/impavidus.ontheboat.5 #Bavariayachts #medsailing #sailinginthemed #svimpavidus #boatelectrical #sailingvideos #boatsurvey #boatworks #boatmaintenance #liveaboard #boattools #sailingyoutube...

    Nave Palinuro shared 7 photos in the Stream Photos album 2 weeks ago

    The spectacle of the Palinuro training ship in Leuca.

    Escorted by Kiss, the ship stolen from crime and entrusted to the "Don Tonino Bello" Nautical Institute of Tricase, and by its crew, the beautiful training ship participates in a series of initiatives scheduled in the Tacco della Penisola for the commemorations on the occasion of 79th anniversary of the sinking of the submarine Pietro Micca...
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    - at Isla San Francisco, MX

    Outrunning The COROMUELS! - Onboard Lifestyle...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle, we leave La Paz to have Teal's birthday dinner in the picturesque anchorage of Puerto Balandra. The crew gets chased out by a local weather phenomenon known as Coromuels and push north to Isla San Francisco to escape the high winds. Come back next week to explore this amazing island with us...see you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you are interested in...

    John has a new avatar. 2 weeks ago