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    The continuous falls of the slopes of the Corinth Canal at the same point from 2018, culminating in the big landslide at the beginning of 2021, stopped its operation. Here we see two barges, working simultaneously and randomly ... synchronized!

    Δυο φορτηγίδες εργάζονται ταυτόχρονα, για το...

    Οι συνεχείς καταπτώσεις των πρανών της Διώρυγας Κορίνθου στο ίδιο σημείο από το 2018 με αποκορύφωμα την μεγάλη κατολίσθηση στις αρχές του 2021, κατέστησαν επιτακτική τη διακοπή λειτουργίας της. Εδώ βλέπουμε δυο φορτηγίδες, να εργάζονται ταυτόχρονα και τυχαία...συγχρονισμένα!

    - at San Blas, MX

    Splashed and heading for the SEA OF CORTEZ! -...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle, basik is launched and the crew is ready is start the trek North towards the Sea of Cortez, but first we need to take a little detour to get caught up on our ordinary boat chores. Come back next week to see if we make it to Mazatlán. See you then! JOIN OUR CREW! If you are interested in helping us produce these videos then please feel free to check out...

    Malik Pawar has a new avatar. 2 days ago
    Jeremia Janiola has a new avatar. 4 days ago

    - at La Cruz, MX

    Let's Wrap This Haulout Party UP! - Onboard...

    On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle, we work hard during the sweltering days and enjoy the cooler evenings in La Cruz. The hard work pays off as we meet our 6 day haulout goal. Come back next week to see what happens after we splash basik...see you then! If you are ever in La Cruz, be sure to check out Casa Bella Cruz. We absolutely love our stay there! Check them out! JOIN OUR CREW! If...

    Nave Palinuro has liked an Event 1 week ago

    Le Campagne di nave Palinuro 2022 sono finalizzate a svolgere attività di ambientamento a bordo, istruzione marinaresca, formazione professionale e accrescimento culturale a favore degli allievi del primo corso Morosini c dcgti allievi nocchieri della 2 classe corsi normali marescialli di Mariscuota Taranto.

    • 7 giugno: imbarco alla Spezia Allievi del 1 corso Morosini (51 allievi di cui31...
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    Nave Palinuro shared 4 photos in the Stream Photos album 1 week ago


    On board the ship, from the base in Liguria, there are 47 students of the course called "MEITHRAS" of the Venetian School, along with their 5 companions, who arrived from the Venetian capital at the end of the afternoon of the previous day.

    To do the honors was the commander himself, the frigate captain Francesco Rima, who also welcomed them on behalf...
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    No videos for a while? Where is Ant? Watch to the end of this video....

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    This does not happen every day!

    This does not happen every day! Dolphins, Sea caves Pirates cove, New Water maker and....... Our links David and Caroline's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41Z898jopkxoITIznD2RMw Sailing Saltwater Lanai: https://www.youtube.com/c/SailingSaltwaterLanai/videos Website; https://www.svimpavidus.com/ Patreon page; https://www.patreon.com/SVImpavidus Facebook;...