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Maria Chrono shared a photo. 6 days ago

Happening now: swimming in a fantastic beach!

Maria Chrono shared a photo. 1 week ago

Happening now: Fullmoon from Milos island Cyclades Greece - feeling happy

Maria Chrono shared 4 photos in the Lost in the Aegean 2017 album 2 months ago

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SV Souls sailing around the worl: Ep 1

SV Souls is around the world, this week she'll bring you to the west coast of France Souls is sailing around the world and make sailing and diving adventure,...

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floating classroom, hosting primary schools! - feeling innovative

Research Sailboat "Silurian" will become student classroom for a week -

Sessions have been designed to inspire students, spark interest in the marine environment and help inform the decision-makers of the future.

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For info wisp me
Open Regatta Fiesta Event

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