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Here's a short movie from a couple of seasons ago. Just racing and people (and a few cocktails) -- not instructional! : )

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At the end of every season I make a video to thank our crew and friends. They're typically about 10 minutes long. They are not really about travels and distant shores but about our racing and camaraderie. They're nicely edited and pretty good quality. I wonder if I should post one to see if there is any interest? Counting the days to back in the water! (100!)

Sailing SV Mutiny Hi Echelme, what a coincidence. I just posted a picture of a raceboat, it's a half inch from flying. I would definitely watch it and think there will be many peeps interested. And yes can't wait to go sailing again... 1 month ago

The forward mast step; Building a cruising...

After constructing the forward mast step platform last week, this week is all about the forward mast step itself. It's in and looking good!This is the story...

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