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Adventure Meets History - A Docutainment Trilogy
"The Viking Route - #1 Salt & Earth" is now available on PrimeVideo
Click here to watch the movie on #PrimeVideo in the US
Click here to watch the movie on PrimeVideo in the UK

After two years of preparation and production I am now proud to present the first part of my docutainment trilogy "The Viking Route- #1 Salt &...
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The Viking Route - #1 Salt & Earth (Official...

Adventure Meets History - A docutainment trilogy Episode #1 now available on Prime Video https://amzn.to/2IrCdVX for the US market (.com) https://amzn.to/2WP...


If you use the networking power of soSAILize the #1SailingSocialNetwork to market yourself or your business to prospective clients or customers, you should have a distinct, easy-to-read soSAILize Web address that is easy to remember.


Simplify Your soSAILize Profile Page Vanity SEF URL - soSAILize.net

A vanity URL is an unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes. Vanity URLs are a type of custom URL that exists to…

Happy Holidays video from soSAILize #1_Sailing_Social_Network

Happy Holidays from Sailing Social " soSAILize "

Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year! Family and Friends are a wonderful part of the Holidays... so... BE GOOD TO...

#HelpDesk : Add videos into your Sailing Event # 1

Add videos into your Sailing Event through Recent Activities Tab?

You need to be logged-in in order to add videos. It is NOT recommended to just paste the URL link of the video into your…