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Happy Easter! #NavePalinuro - feeling festive

Happy Easter! #NavePalinuro

Italian President Mattarella on the #Palinuro ship.

Il presidente Mattarella sulla #NavePalinuro.

Il Presidente Mattarella visita la Nave Scuola...

Closed Captions (CC) : [Music] now now you want [Music] the adult albani them the first time was only doubly [Music] marine the sailors but their first experience is not marine [Music] certainly pelè ground detail of palinuro ship which will seal its parks on fire combined with which we are put in order the maximum no no on average I could do as you see the flexibility and guardian official car...

Nave Palinuro shared 2 photos in the Stream Photos album 3 years ago

Buongiorno da Ischia, in compagnia della Nave Palinuro.


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