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Adventure Meets History - A Docutainment Trilogy
"The Viking Route - #1 Salt & Earth" is now available on PrimeVideo
Click here to watch the movie on #PrimeVideo in the US
Click here to watch the movie on PrimeVideo in the UK

After two years of preparation and production I am now proud to present the first part of my docutainment trilogy "The Viking Route- #1 Salt &...
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The Viking Route - #1 Salt & Earth (Official...

Adventure Meets History - A docutainment trilogy Episode #1 now available on Prime Video https://amzn.to/2IrCdVX for the US market (.com) https://amzn.to/2WP... Closed Captions (CC): [Musik] what happens when a journey the last four months news networld kommst du nennt wenn die reduit du lachst habe rico back to your life of pi er entschuldigend die hand des friedens zu anteil soll ein sie gern...