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    Our latest video went live last night. Diesel Engine, stuff you need to know is a long video which gives details on why we do pre-start checks. We explain the reasons behind some of these and what you should be looking for. We also have a free giveaway checklist. Enjoy the video. Sail Safe Guys, Ant, Cid & the pooch crew.

    #Bavariayachts #medsailing #sailinginthemed #svimpavidus #boatelectrical...
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    .Marine Diesel Engines in Yachts. Things you...

    Marine Diesel Engines in Yachts Things you need to know. (Something for free). Part 2 #Bavariayachts​ #medsailing​ #sailinginthemed​ #svimpavidus​ #boatelectrical​ #sailingvideos​ #boatsurvey​ #boatworks​ #boatmaintenance​ #liveaboard​ #boattools​ #sailingyoutube​ #sailingvideos​ #dieselengine​ #marinediesel Closed Captions (CC): hi there hi folks well in part two of this video um we're going to...