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    I love clouds! They tell us so much.
    Will it rain? Is there wind coming?
    Are they good weather clouds?
    Is there a storm building in the distance?

    Today, our soon to be 80 years old neighbor Gwen from the pirate boat, a few boats apart from us said: "Don't cast a cloud till May is well out". With her half Irish/Scottish accent it sounded like a fairy tale, although it was only one sentence 😁...
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    Our new video is up! We had some technical problems but now we are back! We did a great restoration and we shared it with you with some wonderful moments of camping in Chios Island! Let us know if you like it on the comments section on Youtube and give us a subscribe if you want to see the rest that is coming! Hope you like it ❤️⛵❤️ #sailing #sailboat #restoration #sailors #camping

    Restoration Of Our Boat And Great Camping...

    We are Tanya and George, a couple from Greece and as we are sailing around, we document our summer moments at sea. This video contains all the works that were involved in Project Kukumatz Restoration and some beautiful moments of the camping we went in Chios Island. I hope you enjoy this adventure with us! :) Checkout some photos on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/ledzepser/​...


    58th Aegean Sailing Race Boat Tracking link

    #58aegeanrally #horc #sailing #aegeanrally

    Το 58ο Aegean Sailing Rally είναι και επίσημα στον "αέρα" με διαδρομή 300 Ναυτικά μίλια, από το #ΦΑΛΗΡΟ , στη #ΤΗΝΟ , τα #ΨΑΡΑ και επιστροφή στο #ΣΟΥΝΙΟ .

    #58aegeanrally #horc #sailing #aegeanrally

    Click Link ?SailOffer.com ?

    #SailingApparel #SailingShop