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Uploaded by: Sailing A B Sea  •  Category: Sailing, General Vlogs  •  Added on 15 December 2018

In this episode of Sailing A B Sea we show you what happens in a week onboard A B Sea. To be fair we did have Sunday off but we do show you most of the thing...

Closed Captions (CC):
Today is the day that we head back into

town to see Aydin and see what he's come

up with manufacturing...

soSAILize Support Crew
soSAILize Support Crew Hello #SailingABSea, thank you for your video posts! We would like to inform you of our new video category "Boat Maintenance/Repair, Instructional" in case you would like to split your video into different categories. In case you have any questions: #HelpDesk is always here to help you. 5 years ago