s$Lz (soSAILize coins) is a user coins system used in soSAILize. It shows how active a soSAILizer is in the community.

s$Lz will only be activated when a user has uploaded a photo in the user's profile. Otherwise, the user will never achieve any s$Lz.

The more s$Lz you get, the more Stars your profile gets, and the more featured your actions get (featured members, sailing events, sailing jobs, sailing photos, sailing videos, wall stream posts). 

Additionally you may cash out your s$Lz to

  • advertise your products on our networks.
  • get discounts on our members' products like shirts, cups, accessories etc.
  • get discounts on our members' services like sailboat booking, sales etc.
  • enter our monetization program (cash earnings) when 5000 s$Lz earned.

1 Star soSAILize Badge

2 Stars soSAILize Badge

3 stars soSAILize Badge

4 stars soSAILize Badge

five stars soSAILize Badge


REWARDS - Earn more Stars & Get Featured! 

The more you Engage, Post, Add friends, etc. on soSAILize Social Network.... the more Stars you get ! 

Members with the most stars get featured status on posts, events, videos, jobs  or other content they have on the site.  


s$Lz earned by Activity:

Activity s$Lz Activity Type
Article Publish 20  New
Comment Removed From Wall  -1 Delete 
Event Create 50 New
Event Like  1 Like
Event Post On Wall  1 Post
Friend Remove   -1 Delete
Friend Request Is Approved  1 Add
Group Comment Post  1 Post
Group Discussion Like 1 Like
Group Join  1 Join
Group Like 1 Like
Group Member Remove -1 Delete
Group New, Created  10 New
Group Updated  1 Add
Group, New Discussion Created 1 Add
Group, User Leave the -1 Delete
Group's Announcement Create  1 Post
Group's Announcement Delete  -1 Delete
Group's Discussion Reply  1 Post
Photo Album Comment  1 Post
Photo Album Created New  1 Add
Photo Album Delete -1 Delete
Photo Album Like  1 Like
Photo Change Of Event Cover  1 Add
Photo Change of Group Cover  1 Add
Photo Change of Profile Avatar 1 Add
Photo Change of Profile Cover  1 Add
Photo Comment   1 Post
Photo Delete  -1 Delete
Photo Like  1 Like
Photo Upload  1 Add
Private Message New  1 Add
Private Message Reply  1 Add
Profile Like  1 Like
Profile Status Like  1 Like
Profile Updated  1 Add
Video Add  5 Add
Video Comment   1 Post
Video Like  1 Like
Video Remove  -5 Delete