sailing in Rio cleaning up the water

The gruesome find yesterday in the city's Guanabara Bay came as Britain's Scott Giles opened up a unassailable lead in Finn class, in waters just a few miles away.


Police were called after residents of Ilha do Governador saw the male leg, which had been chopped off at the hip, bobbing in waters near the coastline.
The leg had the name 'Kauan' tattooed on the calf, police said. But a source at the city's homicide police department said the victim is unlikely to be




He said: ‘The leg was taken away to be examined. Samples will be taken in case anyone comes forward to report anyone missing.
'But they will not be compared with lists of people already reported as missing. It is very common to find body parts in the Guanabara Bay.
'It was probably someone murdered by the drugs gangs who was dumped in one of the rivers that flow into the bay.’



Last month children playing in waters near the Mare favela found a woman's bottom inside a plastic bag which has been washed up on the coastline.




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Source : Daily Mail UK