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Introducing Pages Feature

Page is a major feature for community social websites. It is developed for the purpose of helping a user to build a place for people to get connected with their business. The Page will be helpful to build community and convert the followers to customers. Τhe Page feature is now available on soSAILize.net project.

Users can create their own pages and set it as public, closed, or public but not to show on the list page menu. There are lots of other settings for pages:

  • Allow page followers to create photo albumns
  • Allow page followers to add videos
  • Allow page followers to share files
  • Allow page followers to create polls

Activities types supported for Pages:

  • Status: Add status to the page
  • Photos upload: Allows followers to upload videos on the page
  • Videos upload: Allow followers to upload video or link online videos on page
  • File share: Upload files on page wall stream
  • Poll: Create poll on pages
  • Rating and Review: Allow followers to rate and write a review about the page.

Quick guidelines to manage page in soSAILize:

Add a new page :

To create a new page on community, you can click on the menu item Pages>Create a New Page.

Likes, Review and Rating:

Once a page is created as a public page, you can invite your friends to like the page, and post status, photos, videos on it. The page also offers rating and review. If a member of the page wants to share the feedback/review about the page then this will be visible to all members of the community.

To rate or write a review for a page, a user must like the page first.