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sailboat capsized

The man was sailing home to Port Clinton when the winds picked up

around 8 p.m., knocking his boat over and sending him into the water, his wife said. 

The next morning, Captain Eric Langermeiser and first mate Brant Cook were taking 17 customers out on the Waterfox for sport fishing when Cook spotted a flashing light from what he first thought was a jet ski.

As they neared the vessel, they realized that it was "too odd shaped and too big" to be a jet ski, Cook said.  They then saw the man straddling the hull of the boat, Langermeiser said, describing the man's eyes as "big as saucers" as they approached.

The man was suffering from mild hypothermia but was in otherwise good spirits, Langermeiser said. Customers aboard the boat donated their extra layers of clothing so the man could change out of his wet clothes.


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"He was capsized, had no radio, lost his cellphone, and it happened so fast that he'd lost his life jacket.

Another vessel had passed him earlier that morning but hadn't noticed him, according to the local station.

Coast Guard officials reminded boaters to check the weather before going out and to always wear a life jacket.

"If your boat capsizes, try to climb on top of the hull or stay with the debris; which aids us in detecting you in the water,"


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Source : ABC NEWS