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07 add video url here say

You need to be logged-in in order to add videos.

It is NOT recommended to just paste the URL link of the video into your stream.

This way, it will not have a unique page URL, thus not Search Engine Friendly, will not be able to be shared to other social sites, or get featured from us, or use it in your profile actions, or even earn full s$Lz coins.

So please follow below steps to have all benefits of adding your video with us:


You can import videos from the following video providers:

Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Live Leak, Metacafe, Facebook Videos, Flickr Videos, SoundCloud, College Humor, Dotsub.com, Funny Or Die, Gloria.tv, Godtube.com, Ku6.com (China), MySpace Videos, Rutube (Russia), Sapo Videos (Portugal), Twitch, vbox7 (Russia), Veoh, Videa (Hungary), Youku (China).


Recommended Steps to Add a Video URL into "Social Wall" or your "Profile stream" and store it in your "video's page".


(if you have a Sailing Event page and want to add a video connected with this sailing event then click this link)


1) Click on menu "Social Wall" or "My Profile",

find the "say-whats-on-your-mind..." feed-stream location.

01 say whats on your mind 4buttons




2) Click the "Video" button 

04 say whats on your mind 4buttons video 



to see the "add-video-url".

05 4buttons video add video url




3) Click on the "add-video-url" 

06 4buttons add video url



to see the "Enter-video-url-here..." text prompt.

07 add video url here say



4) Paste the video URL 

08 paste video url




and wait for the video preview with description to be fetched.

09 paste video url preview only





5) It should look like this:

10 paste video url preview





6) Then click "Please select a category"

11 please select a category




and please select one of the predefined video categories

12 please select a category list




7) Then you may write in "say-something-about-this-video" text area

13 say something about this video




8) Then you may click 14 smiley to choose a moode image

15 smiley click15 smiley click215 smiley click3

15 smiley click4




9) Then you may click the "View-Privacy-Rights" button

18 privacy

to choose who has the right to see your video

16 public all




10) Click on "Post" button to post your video.

 17 cancel post

That's it! 


Your video is now stored in your "Videos" page collection of your profile and posted on Social Wall!