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Use this page to find answers to common questions! 

Be a Great soSAILizer

Whether you’re sailing the world, charter boats, or making sail-friends locally, being a conscientious and generous soSAILizer will enrich the connections you make with the people you meet.

Check out our tips in the soSAILize Resource Center. Also, be sure to review our Safety Information and Tips on our Safety page.

How do I make my soSAILize profile great?

A soSAILize profile is your face in the soSAILize community, and it's also the first place to start creating positive experiences. 

First, you will need to get your profile started. Check out our "Getting Started For New Members" section for some information.


Be honest and detailed. Not everyone will get your sense of humor, or like your opinion—but some people will love them. Show your personality so you can meet the members who will appreciate it. And, while you decide what to share, remember that more information helps other members get to know you better.
Set your standards. If there is anything that people need to know about you is to be a good guest in the boat or skipper during your trips — for instance religious beliefs, pets, or dietary restrictions? Put it right out there on your profile to avoid potential miscommunications.


Don't just tell us, show us! What's the most beautiful place you've ever seen? What does a night out with your sailing-friends look like? Where do you sail ? Photos on a soSAILize profile are a way for other members to see the sailing world through your eyes.

Sailing Events

Keep your events plan updated. Set your guidelines. This is the place to tell members what you expect when they sail with you. 


Decide how people see your profile. You can decide whether non-members can see your profile, whether you're identified by your real name or your member name, and much more. You can change your privacy settings here.


List all your languages. Even if your French is rusty, you can always list yourself as a 'Beginner.' 


Share as much as you'd like. If you'd like to keep track of the places you've sailed, and share that information with other users, here's the place to do it.


Use Member Search to find your friends on soSAILize. Search by member name to find your friends, then start building your soSAILize friend list! Don't know any soSAILizers? We're not hard to get to know—read more about getting involved in the community.

Add friends with care. A friend on soSAILize is like a friend in real life — it's a person you've shared sailing time with and have respect for. By listing someone as your friend, you're telling the community that you have some level of trust in that person. Be wary of adding acquaintances, former friends, or online friends. Never add a friend that you don't know at all.


Before you send sailing event requests, you may want to take the time to make yourself a great profile that represents who you are, then brush up on what to look for when you browse other people's profiles. When you're ready, here's how to start looking for someone to share an inspiring experience with.

How to Find the Right Event:

Never send a request unless you've thought about
" Why do I want to join this sailing event?" .

You're on the right track if your answer to this question is more like
"They love sailing and cooking and so do I,"
"I bet they have some interesting thoughts about sailing and fishing".

Know why you're interested in meeting this event,and let them know about it!

After all, sounds friendlier to say: "I'm really interested in hearing about your sailing trip to China last year".