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Article Authors-Bloggers on soSAILize

We want to make soSAILize more accessible to all members.

By sharing their sailing expertise, sailing specific knowledge, our Authors help make this possible.

If you want to help inspire hundreds of thousands of like-minded fans to get outside and sail, we want to hear from you!

Ask for Author Privileges by sending a direct-private message to HelpDesk profile, or by emailing to articles @ or by submitting the contact form.



So you want to write soSAILize Articles?

Our Authors are members of our community-network who want to share their knowledge on sailing through Articles section of soSAILize.

They are fans with a great writing voice, sailing bloggers, or just regular sailing lovers with unique stories to share.


How do I become an Author?

Ask for Author Privileges by sending a direct-private message to HelpDesk profile, or by emailing to articles @ or by submitting the contact form.

When your account is upgraded to "Author", show our community the amazing adventures in your home sailing area or feature a local sailaway. Teach our community how to do something and do it simpler (8 Steps To ..., 10 Tips For ..., 5 Tips For ...).

We also love anything related to Sea Environment, & for the Sailing Lifestyle.

If you find it interesting, there’s a good chance our Article Jury Commitee of Experts will too, and publish your article.


The Benefits:

As an Author, your soSAILize profile will be featured on our website, your work will reach hundreds of thousands of sailing enthusiasts every month, and you’ll receive free s$Lz points! We’ll also help you build your followers by linking your articles to your blog, personal website, or social media accounts.

Think you've got a great article idea?

Ask for Author Privileges by sending a direct-private message to HelpDesk profile, or by emailing to articles @ or by submitting the contact form.


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