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Yachties Missing

Share for awareness : The boat reportedly went missing between the Azores and Gibraltar.


A 53-year-old skipper, Aldo Revello, is missing, together with his sailor friend, Antonio Voinea, since 2 May when they activated their EPIRB.

The skipper's wife, Rosa Cilano, alerted the authorities. The two were returning from Martinique with destination Spezia (Northern Italy).


They were on board a 14-metre yacht called "Bright"


Apparently the boat got into trouble i between the Azores and Gibraltar.

The wreck has already been found with jackets, boxes and fuel tanks, but none of the crew.

 "I don't understand what happened, the last contact I had was at 00:16 on May 1st,said the wife.  The weather was good, with one-two metre waves and 15-20 knot wind.
    "They are experienced yachtsmen, said the woman, mother of a four-year-old girl.
    Aldo Revello has been a professional skipper for more than 15 years and usually sails in the Caribbean.
    After sailing there for a long time last summer he returned home.
    In April he returned to Martinique to bring the boat back to La Spezia.

    Antonio Voinea, a 30-year-old Romanian, is a resident of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands after several years spent in Veneto.
    "He is like a brother for us," said Cileno.
    The duo left Martinique on April 7 and after a stopover set out again for Gibraltar on April 28, she told ANSA.
    Cileno said Friday evening: "They're working hard, I still have hope".

    The woman, who is in constant touch with the Italian foreign ministry and the consulate in Portugal, is reportedly thinking of going to Portugal.


sailors  missing in the  atlantic


The  Rescue Operation will  Soon  Stop  but only other  hope is  for Boats in the  area to spot something ! 


Special  Thanks to Fabrizio Grieco for the Alert & Effort to spread this  out ! 




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