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indian  womens  expedition

The vessel has covered 22,300 nautical miles since her departure from Goa on 10 September 2017

and has met all criteria of circumnavigation, namely crossing the Equator twice, crossing all Longitudes and the three great capes namely Cape Leeuwin, Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope. The crew and the vessel encountered rough seas, extremely cold climate coupled with stormy weather conditions on numerous occasions during the voyage, which made the task of circumnavigating the globe highly daunting and challenging.


indian  sailboat  crew


The vessel also witnessed winds in excess of 60 knots and waves upto 7 metres high, whilst crossing the Pacific Ocean. The expedition christened ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, is in consonance with the national policy to empower women to attain their full potential and showcased ‘Nari Shakti’ on the world platform to help change societal attitudes and mindset towards women in India by raising visibility of their participation in challenging environs.


indian  sailboat  crew


The expedition was covered in six legs, with stop-overs at 5 ports: Fremantle (Australia), Lyttleton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands), Cape Town (South Africa) and Port Louis (Mauritius). In addition, the crew also collated and updated meteorological, ocean and wave data on a regular basis for accurate weather forecast by India Meteorological Department and reported marine pollution on the high seas.


indian  sailboat  crew


They interacted extensively with the local populace, especially children, during the port halts to promote ocean sailing and spirit of adventure.



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Source : Indian Navy 

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