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Operation Playa

The "Operation Playa"   investigation is re-focusing on a three-piece documentary in SVT, depicting the giant cocaine investigation from Jonas Falk's (former Oredsson) perspective.

Police and prosecutors who lead the Playa investigation have received massive criticism over the years – some have been rightful, but the critics are uncertain of the facts!

Thanks to a successful Swedish police operation, the single-mate Mauritz Andersson was busted with 1.4 tonnes of cocaine in his sailboat.


Mauritz Andersson was arrested after two undercover agents from the Swedish police approached Andersson and his girlfriend. The secret policemen managed to gain the couple's confidence and together they went on a boat holiday in the Caribbean – a luxury holiday according to the SVT documentary.

Andersson was suspected of smuggling large amounts of cocaine, and installled bugs in a  secret room in the girlfriend's Swedish home to monitor her conversation with Andersson. Police intercepted when he sailed from the Caribbean and a few days later, he was arrested outside Martinique with 1.4 tonnes of cocaine on the boat – the same sailboat visited by police undercover agents.


The "Operation Playa" cookie investigation

The sailboat full of cocaine 

The girlfriend is upset at the SVT series about being investigated and subjected to an undercover operation.

She should be more upset by the fraud of Mauritz Andersson, now serving 14 years in prison for cocaine smuggling. 

The police's second undercover operation focused on Mauritz Andersson's comrade in the boat industry, Jonas Oredsson / Falk, who was suspected of being the mastermind of the operation. The SVT documentary states that his luxury life "caught the attention of the police" as if he were a victim of Swedish envy.

Jonas Oredsson's background is heavily criminal. He has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for serious robbery in Sweden and escaped with help of   armed unknown friend several times. He then  fled to  Colombia. 


The sailboat full of cocaine


It was entirely right for the police to "follow the money" and begin to fight against Oredsson / Falk.


The Swedish police tried to infiltrate Oredsson / Falk through his network in Barcelona and it is clear that kind of undercover operation requires intensive effort.  

The infiltration failed but it does not mean it was wrong to try. Jonas Oredsson / Falk was sentenced  for the cocaine smuggling up to 18 years in prison. However,  a  district  court reversed the  ruling.  

Parts of the undercover operation can be criticized but unfortunately, the prosecutor in the Playa operation, Karin Bergstrand, gives a weak impression in the SVT documentary and fails to defend the whole case of the operation. This causes the critics and the prosecutors to be blamed for targeting private individuals and as a  result shift focus from facts!

Mauritz Andersson was stopped when he tried to smuggle 1,400,000 grams of cocaine and someone should be responsible for it.


Mauritz Andersson


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