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adrift the movie

STARVATION, gangrene, drowning, dehydration, learning to sail professionally in three weeks…

Sam Claflin’s latest survival movie, Adrift, certainly threatened to put him through the ringer. But initially he harboured a bigger concern — he had to be topless.

‘Honestly,’ says Claflin, looking relaxed and chiselled in an open-necked white shirt rolled up to reveal an ‘8’ tattoo on his arm (a reference to his son Pip’s birthday). ‘That was the only thing I had any reservation about.’


This wasn’t a question of ‘no nudity’ modesty — after all, Claflin was nominated for Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards 2014 for his memorable work as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. ‘I found that hilarious!’ he laughs. ‘I was never going to beat Zac Efron.’ It was more that the 31-year-old British star had just come off shooting Nightingale with Jennifer Kent, the director of The Babadook, who required Claflin to look like a meaty soldier from the 1820s.

‘Baltasar [Kormákur, the director of Adrift] basically told me I was fat,’ says this decidedly non-fat actor. ‘And I was fat — for me. I was not ready for the world to see me like that so I knew the minute I got to Fiji I was going on a diet and training twice a day. I have done it before so I knew I could do it. I am very disciplined and determined but I don’t enjoy the gym.’

Eager and committed to his craft, Claflin is an actor who works ‘outside in’, finding the externals of a character first.

‘It can be little things, like I will never have the same haircut for a role and I usually find the walk of a character before finding the speech. Also, I have always been obsessed with hands — sorry, that sounds bizarre!’ he says, as I self-consciously sit on mine. ‘I don’t mean I have pictures of people’s hands or anything but I find the way people gesture tells you a lot about them.’

Adrift casts Claflin with Divergent star Shailene Woodley. They play lovers on a sailing adventure across the Pacific Ocean that runs into a potentially lethal hurricane. Claflin had never sailed before, despite what he calls a very ‘physical’ childhood spent in Norwich as the third of four brothers. ‘I wasn’t academic at school, I wasn’t good at reading, and I played football my entire childhood,’ he says.


adrift cast


Increasingly, Claflin is turning his hand to darker material. He was a revelation in a movie adaptation of Journey’s End earlier this year. It was a disappointment to some of his core fan base but a relief to Claflin, who is devoting his extra time and energy to being a dad with his wife, actress Laura Haddock (Transformers: The Last Night, The Inbetweeners Movie).

‘I love beer and food way too much to keep up [with Zac Efron],’ he laughs. ‘The gym is work for me. I’d rather be at home with my kids.’


adrift scene


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Source :  AP |  Metro News 


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