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Police seize huge haul of drugs hidden on yacht

Two men arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, and their vessel seized . 

One of the largest fishing ports in the UK was closed by the National Crime Agency so officers could storm a vessel. 

The NCA said  it was too early to confirm the type of drugs discovered in the plastic-wrapped packets, or their street value.

Police closed off the entry to Newlyn Harbour in Cornwall following an NCA operation on Thursday when a yacht was intercepted.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking while the harbourmaster said the closure was for 'public safety' reasons. 

Police and the NCA are refusing to confirm whether an explosive device is the reason for the closure but pictures show the Royal Navy Bomb squad at the scene.


yacht seized in the English channel


The NCA said in a statement: 'As part of a National Crime Agency-led operation, the Border Force cutter HMC Vigilant intercepted a sailing yacht off the south-west coast of Cornwall and escorted the vessel into Newlyn harbour where it arrived yesterday.

'Two men have been arrested for drug trafficking offences and are now being questioned by NCA officers, who are leading the investigation.

'As a result of this the port of Newlyn has had to be closed temporarily for public safety reasons.

'Border Force and NCA officers, supported by Devon and Cornwall Police, remain at the scene.'


Crime Agency seized a sailing yacht


The harbourmaster for Newlyn posted on Facebook this morning: 'Unfortunately I have had to close the port of Newlyn for public safety.

'Under no circumstances are vessels to approach or move within Newlyn jurisdiction without my approval. This is for the safety of all our users.'

Mike Collier, who runs a boat trip business, said: 'I was on the boat and let go of the rope to go when a woman came and said I wasn't allowed and had to get off the boat.

'I said, "who's decided that" and she told me I had to speak to the harbourmaster.

'We've heard rumours about a bomb but whether it's right or not, who knows. 

'The latest concern to me is that last night it was brought in and it sat there being looked at for 32 hours until this morning and now they decided every one had to get out the harbour.

'But what about everyone that was asleep in their boats last night?

'I can't go out today so I've lost about £300, I know that's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I run a small business, it means a lot to me.'


Crime Agency seized a sailing yacht in the English Channel


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Source :  Daily Mail UK 


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