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Family of Platino yacht victim

A Maritime New Zealand report has found the crew on a stricken yacht

didn't do enough to try to save the life of a man who was knocked overboard two years ago.

The Platino got in big trouble in the ocean north of New Zealand when it struck four-metre waves whipped up by powerful winds.

There were three survivors: Tory and Harry McKeogh and Ross McKee, who were rescued by a container ship.

But two men died. Nick Saull was killed on board, hit by rigging on the yacht's boom. Steve Forno was thrown overboard and never found.

On Tuesday, a Maritime Safety authority report found that "it appears action could have been taken in an attempt to assist Steve Forno in the water, but it was not."

Mr Forno's family still has so many questions about what happened, that all come back to why nobody helped him.

"We've got to live with it everyday," says sister Viv Widdison.

The Platino was about 500km north of New Zealand when it got into trouble in 2016, leading to the deaths of both Mr Saull and Mr Forno.

The report states: "All surviving crew members saw the crew member [Mr Forno] in the water but no item was ever released from the yacht in an attempt to aid his rescue."

His three sisters,Ms Widdison, Lynn Wilson and Claire Forno, and brother-in-law Dean Watson can't believe the findings.






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Source :  News Hub NZ  


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