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Owner of burned sailboat

Officers arrested the 57-year-old owner for contempt of court .

He is the owner of a sailboat that burned and sank Monday night at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor.

Department of Land and Natural Resources’ DOCARE issued a citation to Salvatore Di Amore for mooring without a permit since at least September. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to appear in District Court over that citation. He was arrested at 11:05 a.m. today, and his bail was set at $150.

Since Di Amore did not have insurance, DLNR’s Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation likely will have to recover the sailboat, a DLNR spokesman said.

“Scofflaws be aware, we will hold violators accountable for their actions and physically arrest them if necessary,” DLNR Deputy Enforcement Chief Jason Redulla said in a written statement.

DLNR said on Wednesday it started the impound process for six out of roughly 18 to 20 boats illegally moored at the harbor, including the one that burned and sank. Link to initial story included below.


Owner of burned sailboat


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