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Video from the moment of landslide on Zakynthos beach

Video from the moment of landslide on Zakynthos beach "Shipwreck" . [video]

In the video, posted on Facebook,  parts of rock fall on a beach. Panic everywhere when a ripple  overturned boats.


According to the Health Ministry, seven injured were transferred to the General Hospital of Zakynthos, while a 34-year-old woman, a Czech citizen, is hospitalized with a fractured vertebra.


Her husband and her two children are lightly injured and treated for precautionary purposes. The other three people who were transferred to the General Hospital of Zakynthos, with minor injuries & were discharged.


Earlier, information suggested there might be three missing persons. However, according to a briefing from the port, the count of the passengers on the boats in the bay was completed, without mentioning a missing person.


"A noise was heard and a small piece of rock fell, then a second  and finally a third big piece of rock fell. During the fall created a sea whirlpool that overturned the boats," said the crew member of AMPE at the spot.


There were hundreds of tourists with small children in the spot when the incident took place. 


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Source :  Facebook  / Leonidas Malioufas


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