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Sailing News

Man Found After 137 Days Adrift on Sailboat. [ VIDEO ]

Man Found After 137 Days Adrift In Sailboat

One thing you can say about Rimas Meleshyus: He's definitely persistent.

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Catamaran Gives Those With Disabilities a Chance to Sail [ Video ]

Catamaran Gives Those With Disabilities a Chance to Sail

A sailboat called ‘Impossible Dream’ was built with wide ramps, elevators and a wheelchair-level steering wheel to allow people with disabilities the chance to get out on the water.

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Beached Atlantic City sailboat towed to marina [ Video ]

The sailboat Peaceful Warrior

The sailboat Peaceful Warrior was scheduled to be towed off the beach Friday but remained stuck due to inclement weather.  [ video ] 

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Sailing News
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