2 pulled from Lake Washington after boat capsizes

SEATTLE - Chopper 7 was overhead just as Rick Reed and Tim Davidson were safely brought to shore and wrapped in towels by first responders.

Reed and Davidson said they hit another boat’s wake and capsized in their small sailboat Tuesday night.  They had life vests on and were blowing a whistle, but no one noticed them calling for help from the 67 degree water as sunset approached-- perhaps because their overturned boat only barely stuck out of the water.


“I was in the water for 20 minutes or more, and I started getting cold, and then I hear the sirens, and I’m hope there’s not just an accident on the bridge,” Reed said.  “I’m hoping they’re coming for us!”


The men are still not sure who dialed 911, maybe someone on the shore, but whoever did it may have saved their lives.


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Source : KIRO 7 News