crashed boat by son

About your boat, dad... 

A teenager who borrowed a luxurious yacht from his father for a ride left the vessel a write-off after crashing it onto rocks in shallow waters.

The incident happened in the jet-set resort of St Tropez on the French Riviera. 

Known only as Lucas, the 18-year-old took his four friends aged between 18 and 20 for a ride on the yacht of his multi-millionaire father, a rich industrialist from Belgium.


Pierre-Yves Barasc of the rescue services said: 'If they had crashed 30 feet away, they surely would have died.'
According to the rescue services and the French coast guard, the accident was caused by the teenagers' amateurism.

Lucas' father, who is based in the city of Wervik, has a big estate in Port Grimaud, a town close to St Tropez.
His yacht was built in 2009 and weighs 30 tonnes - and cost £1.2million, according to Belgian news site Het Nieuwsblad. 

According to local media, it cannot be salvaged and will likely end up in the scrapyard.
And Lucas? He'll probably end up in the doghouse... 



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Source : Daily Mail UK