AMERICA is the world’s most famous racing yacht. It is also one of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

The reason is simple. The original AMERICA put yachting on the map. It is why the most famous trophy in sailing is called The America’s Cup. In 1851, a boat named ‘AMERICA’ won the ‘Royal Yacht Squadrons’ 100 Guinea Cup given to the winner of a race around the Isle of Wight. It is said…that the margin was so great that watching AMERICA sail past the royal yacht, Queen Victoria famously asked “Who came second? Your majesty…there is no second” was the reply. The winners, members of the New York Yacht Club, donated the trophy to the Club, to be held as a ‘challenge’ trophy. Thus was born the America’s Cup, named after the boat, not the country.


PASCAGOULA, Miss. -- Residents will have the unique opportunity to see and sail aboard the schooner AMERICA, a 139-foot replica of the yacht that shocked the world and won the first ever Royal Yacht Squadron's "100 Pound Cup" regatta around the Isle of Wight in 1851 on Nov. 2nd and Nov. 3rd.

The AMERICA will host free dockside tours and tickets are available for sunset sails. Also, the youth are invited to take part in an applied STEM talk presented by Captain Troy Sears. All activities will begin at the City of Pascagoula's dock located at 3104 Front Street.

The City of Pascagoula and Singing River Yacht Club is hosting this opportunity in partnership with Next Level Sailing as part of the official America's Cup Tour to bring residents a day filled with fun and excitement, coupled with history, education and tradition available for kids.

"The goal of the America's Cup Tour is to celebrate the event's storied history and infuse a new level of excitement and involvement in the America's Cup now and for generations to come," said Troy Sears, AMERICA's owner and captain.

The city of Pascagoula has generated much interest as a stop for the AMERICA, according to Yacht AMERICA spokesman, Edward Novak.

"We did a trip last fall to determine where we could feasibly dock along with a sailing community that were interested and willing to host an event," Novak said. "We met with Stacie Vende Wetering, the general manager of the Singing River Yacht Club who has been both enthusiastic and supportive of our proposed visit and we have also had tremendous support from the city of Pascagoula who have graciously offered to open their public dock to accommodate our arrival."

The original AMERICA was commissioned in 1851 by a group of businessmen in New York that wanted to showcase America's superior naval architecture at the first Worlds Fair in London, according to Novak.

The AMERICA beat a fleet of British vessels in a race around the Isle of Wight to win a race and trophy that has become known as the America's Cup, an event that takes it's name from  the winning boat, not the country.

The vessel will be available for free dockside tours each day of the AMERICA's visit. Since their home port is the San Diego Maritime Museum, this will probably be the only time people along the gulf coast will have an opportunity to sail on and tour the AMERICA.

Tickets for the sunset sail will be $85.00 for adults, and $42.50 for children 17 and under and military. A multimedia presentation will be made by Sears. The program includes an overview of the Cup's storied history, a chance to relive the dramatic comeback of AC34, and an inside look at what to expect for AC35 in Bermuda.

This event is open to the public and will engage students in the highly informative STEM talks. Here, they will learn about the converging disciplines that are needed to make and operate a world-class sailing vessel that provides a deeper look into biology, ecology and oceanography of the living ocean environment.


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