Yacht captain Vladimir Komogorov

Mr Stashkov arrived at the popular tourist islands on board the sailing yacht Revolution, skippered by fellow Russian national and friend Vladimir Komogorov, explained V/Adm Surapol Kuptaphan, commander of the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command.

“Mr Komogorov said that he left Chalong Pier in Phuket and arrived at the Similian Islands and moored at Koh Miang (Island 4) on Monday,” V/Adm Surapol told The Phuket News.

In his report to Navy search teams, Mr Komogorov said, “We stopped the boat near Ko Miang or Ko Si. While I was sleeping, my friend went swimming in the sea, but after I woke up I could not see him.


sailing yacht Revolution location



“I called out his name and shouted, ‘Where are you?’ I drove the boat around the island twice looking for him, but I couldn’t find him.”

Naval officers have called in fishing vessels and tourist boats in the area to assist in the search, V/Adm Surapol said.

“They are still searching, and will continue the search for now,” he said.


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Source :  The Phuket News