A Geraldton video blogger who rose to fame after she joined a stranger on a sailing voyage has struck a deal with a French sailing company to fund a million-dollar yacht. [ video ]

Elayna Carausu, 23, and South Australian-raised Riley Whitelum instantly fell in love when they met in Greece in 2014.

The pair became YouTube sensations after Ms Carausu joined Mr Whitelum on his global voyage, now funded entirely through social media.





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French boat-building company Outremer recently offered the couple a new luxury catamaran at a discount, after they showed vision of the company’s yachts in one of their videos.

Bryce Vaughan, director of Outremer’s Australian distributor Multihull Central, said Outremer were loyal fans of the couple.

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Outremer helped the couple secure a European lease and has allowed them to fund the new yacht through their social media income.

Each YouTube video generates about $7800 for the seafaring couple, who have more than 230,000 followers.

Their Patreon page has helped them raise thousands of crowdfunding dollars.


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Source :  Daily Mail UK