Lindsay, above, is suspected of killing Lorie Musil  Lindsay, above, is suspected of killing Lorie Musil

It was around this time last year, usually the “most wonderful time of the year”for most folks, that Christopher Alexander Lindsay, then 43, of Navarre, was arrested for the alleged murder of Lorie Musil, 55, turning the joyous holiday season into more of a “nightmare before Christmas” for the small close-knit community of Gulf Breeze.


It was reported that Musil, a mother of four who was well-known in the area for working as a hostess at various Pensacola Beach restaurants, was last seen on video surveillance leaving The Bridge Bar with Lindsay the evening of Nov. 22. A medical examiner’s report ruled Musil’s death to be intentional by facial submersion, or drowning.

Lindsay was arrested Dec. 4 without incident as the sole suspect charged with her murder. He is currently being held without bond at Santa Rosa County Jail awaiting trial. This was the first murder to occur within Gulf Breeze city limits since the 1980s.


It is still not entirely clear what occurred the night leading up to Musil’s unfortunate death. It was said that Musil was at The Bridge Bar that fateful Sunday evening to meet one of her adult children. Instead, she was seen leaving the bar with Lindsay. She never returned.

A search executed by the Gulf Breeze Police Department (GBPD) the following day, after Musil was reported missing by her children, ended with the discovery of Musil’s body on the rocks of Pensacola Bay.

“It appears both of them were in the water,” former Chief of Police Robert Randle told Gulf Breeze News during the investigation. “She ended up on the rocks. It was really weird … it was out there in front of God and everybody, but no one saw her.” Randle said a front had blown in on Sunday bringing with it chilly air and higher-than-normal winds. “Not a lot of people were milling about,” he said.

Randle believes Lindsay enticed Musil to accompany him to the marina to see his girlfriend’s sailboat and that once out there, Musil rejected his sexual advances triggering an angry response from Lindsay. Although there is no indication that Lindsay and Musil were acquainted prior to that evening, witnesses told investigators that Lindsay made suggestive comments to or about Musil while inside The Bridge Bar.

Randle said, “I believe it went south very quickly after they left the bar.”

Lindsay returned to the bar within an hour, soaking wet and shirtless, yet wearing a dry pair of pants. He was asked by bar staff to leave the premises. When closing up for the night, staff once again encountered Lindsay outside screaming and they threatened to call the police.

Musil’s body was found lying on the rocks beside the marina on Monday evening, Nov. 23, 2015. She was discovered fully clothed without any visible bruising or contusions. It was apparent Musil had been in the water.

Immediately following Lindsay’s arrest, officers conducted a search of his home and the sailboat in question. Witnesses reported seeing Lindsay removing items from the sailboat prior to his arrest and the subsequent search.

Although ‘murder’ was never a prior charge of Lindsay’s, he had been in trouble with the law before. Lindsay was arrested in Gulf Breeze just days before the deadly incident, on Nov. 15, 2015, for driving with an expired tag. He was charged with refusing to surrender his driver’s license, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon (traffic and drug related incidences), possession with intent to sell a controlled substance, including cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana, and possession of marijuana.

The most recent felony docket day in the case charging Lindsay with the unpremeditated murder of Musil took place on Nov.

Nov. 14, during which the case was once again continued pending the execution of additional depositions of witnesses. The next felony docket day is scheduled for Dec. 28 with Santa Rosa County Circuit Judge Ross Goodman presiding.


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Source : Gulf Breeze News