Police are investigating an unmanned ghost sailboat

Empty 'ghost Sailboat' found drifting off the Australian coast.

The semi-submerged vessel was spotted by a panicked member of the public between Narooma and Bermagui, on the state’s south coast, early on Thursday morning.
The mystery yacht, though upright, was in a poor condition with no mast or markings, leaving marine rescue authorities baffled.


Marine Rescue NSW Divers searched the area but found no sign of passengers, nor anyone having been on board.
Images show the ship almost submerged as the marine rescue authorities tried towing it back to shore.


The marine rescue service revealed on their social media accounts police have launched an investigation into the bizarre case.
The yacht sank in about 30 metres of water while being towed back, authorities say. 


Empty 'ghost Sailboat' found drifting off the Australian coast.



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Source : Daily Mail UK