MIAMI BEACH — What began as a relaxing day on the water Saturday turned into an adventure for six people and a dog,

who had to be rescued when their 88-foot luxury yacht began taking on water near Sunset Harbour Marina.

"We're going down fast," declared the captain of Leopard 27 Open in a distress call.


First responders used five dewatering pumps to raise the yacht off the bottom of the channel just west of Sunset Harbour, according to Erika Benitez of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

The Miami Police Department's FastResponse team was first on the scene. It was joined by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Fire Boats 73 and 21, TowBoat U.S., the Miami Beach Marine Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard.


Photos courtesy of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue


Benitez said that the vessel experienced a leak in the engine room shortly after departing Sunset Harbour but it was not clear what caused the leak.

The vessel was towed up the Miami River.

"Another reminder of how quickly things can go wrong and the importance of having the appropriate USCG approved safety equipment and gear," Benitez cautioned.


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Source : Miami Patch