Shuckers sailboat

Swanton, OH - The iconic Swanton restaurant Shuckers Seafood & Pasta is removing the rooftop sailboat landmark on Thursday at 11 a.m.

The restaurant, located at the corner of Airport Highway and Hallett Avenue will transform into a new Mail Pouch Saloon.

The Shuckers sailboat is a source of local pride and will be relocated. It will be at 11439 Airport Highway near Toledo Express Airport . A pink Cadillac is on the site.

It was only when the new owner, Jamie Wietrzykowski, was informed by his insurance company the iconic sailboat was no longer safe to continue to be showcased atop the roof that it was decided to be sold.

“It was a hard decision to make, but our customers’ safety always comes first! The sailboat’s new, safe location will allow area visitors to access and enjoy it from Airport Highway only a short distance away,” Wietrzkowski explained.


Swanton, OH


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Mail Pouch Saloon is slated to open in late April in the building formerly home to the seafood restaurant. It will be the second Mail Pouch Saloon in the Northwest Ohio area and will feature the first hybrid menu for the chain including classics from the Shuckers menu. The Mail Pouch Saloon’s flagship restaurant is located in Haskins, Ohio offering everything from a classic fried bologna sandwich to an 18 oz. hand-cut ribeye steak.


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Source : Fulton County Expositor