Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch was one of 14 crew members aboard the Clyde Challenger, a 60 foot ocean racing yacht designed and built to compete in the Clipper Ventures round the world yacht race. The team were five days into a journey returning the yacht from the Azores to the UK when it was hit by a rogue wave during the night.

The 50-foot wave knocked the boat over, causing substantial damage, including snapping off its mast and rigging.

Several large vessels came to the yacht's aid but a rescue was impossible due to extreme weather. The crew were adrift for more than 48 hours before being picked up by a Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Dragon. The ship answered their call for help and travelled around 500 miles to reach the yacht in the nick of time, reaching its position, 610 miles off Land's End, just a few hours before nightfall.

Nick, who runs the Komaru Bushcraft School based at Knowsley Safari Park, also has over 25 years' experience as a sailing instructor. He said: "The weather in the Atlantic was challenging but we were well prepared and making good progress with an experienced crew.

"The wave that hit us came from an unexpected direction and was absolutely huge - none of us had experienced anything like it before. We are all incredibly grateful to the Coastguard and the Navy for coming to our aid."


Clyde Challenger


Nick's wife Hil Berg was overwhelmed with the response from friends and neighbours when the rescue featured on national news, saying: "I can't thank everyone enough. People have been knocking on the door and stopping me in the street to find out how Nick is and offer to help him get home."

HMS Dragon Captain Craig Wood said he was proud of the actions of the men and women who operated the rescue boats and praised the professionalism of the Challenger crew, all of whom escaped with minor injuries.

After the rescue, the ship continued on its way to Lisbon, where Nick and his colleagues were able to arrange their return to the UK.


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