An American Sailing adventurer goes missing in Panama;

Did things turn deadly in this tropical paradise?


Don was a member of a tight-knit cruiser community, people who choose to live their lives on the water.

"Tell me about the cruising lifestyle. For a lot of people who live their life on a couch with a remote in their hand, it is extraordinary what you do," Van Sant asked Glenn Tuttle.

"I think we cruisers enjoy the freedom of being out there and being self-sufficient," he replied.

Tuttle and his wife, Eddie, are friends of Don North. Both are retired FBI agents who've been cruising the Caribbean for years.

"You can literally catch dinner under the boat. You can...snorkel and spear fish and catch lobsters and it's a paradise,"


Becky Reynolds, Don's former girlfriend, recalls the first time she set eyes on him.

"He loved life...I know he loved me. We had a lot of fun together," she told Van Sant. "I just remember seeing the yellow dinghy with a pink motor and I thought, 'Oh my God, who's this character?' And, he just struck me as just a very kind of a funny guy and an interesting character. And, we exchanged numbers."

Reynolds and Don wound up living together for five years. Their sailing days were idyllic...even though Don didn't actually do much sailing.


Supposedly, Don was making the five-day trip to Cartagena to renew his visa and took Javier Martin along for company.


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