French yacht salvaged from the rocks

The yacht had drifted of its mooring and stranded on the rocks. The crew, a family of five with three small children had spend the night ashore. No one got hurt in the accident.


The salvage mission was complicated by a significant surf that had developed during the week. The third attempt to pull the yacht of the rocks was a success. The boat was seriously damaged, but the professionals got it in time along the tug to keep it afloat.


The French crew left the yacht for a 3 day land break on Saba, after 6 months of sailing. Unfortunately, because of the adverse weather conditions, the mooring line got caught under the bilge-keel and rudder, chafing through it by the constant wave action. The mooring was in perfect shape, installed just 2 weeks ago. Generally, skippers must not leave their vessels unattended to be able to react to such circumstances.



French yacht salvaged from the rocks



Locals donated money and clothes to the beraved family. A SCF staff member and the Island Government provided free accommodation and everything possible was done to help the family in their difficult time.



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French yacht salvaged from the rocks



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Source : Saba News  |  Photo courtesy Yacht Synergy