Nick Dwyer, 55, and Barbara Heftman, 44, spent five days stranded off the state's coast clinging to their boat in waves the "size of buildings".

The police rescue vessel Nemesis travelled more than 200 nautical miles in treacherous seas to save the pair, delivering them to safety on March 9, while their yacht was left to drift at sea.

The pair hailed the rescue crew as "absolute heroes" after they were brought to dry land earlier this month.

Mr Dwyer travelled to Eden on Thursday to collect the damaged 12-metre yacht.

The experienced sailors had been on a 10-year circumnavigation of the globe when the vessel's rudder broke between New Zealand and Australia.

They activated the emergency radio beacon three days later after the vessel rolled in a heavy swell and high winds.

Mr Dwyer said the yacht had been their home for the past 10 years and they were hoping it was salvageable.

It was spotted by the Sea Princess cruise ship near Gabo Island near Eden early on Wednesday.


Officers attached to the Marine Area Command assisted the owner of the yacht to locate the vessel and tow back to Australia.


The yacht was returned to its owner at 6am yesterday morning.







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Source : Beagle Weekly | Au Yahoo News