The crash happened just after 7 p.m. when a sailboat exited King Harbor headed south amid high winds.


Four people were rescued near the Redondo Pier when their sailboat capsized and crashed into the pilings Thursday evening.

“I saw them leaving the mouth of the harbor, and they were having trouble catching their sails,” said Jason Wells, a witness to the crash.

The boat rocked against the wind and waves before overturning near the horseshoe pier. Pieces of the dashed boat were visible from around the pier.

Units from both Redondo Harbor Patrol and Baywatch Redondo were on the scene within minutes. According to Redondo Beach Fire Division Chief Bob Rappaport, rescue swimmers were deployed, pulling each of the four wayward sailors out of the water and onto the shores. Two ambulances and units from L.A. County Lifeguards were also on scene.

The four rescued were being treated for mild to moderate scrapes.








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