Fire in Forum Marina Barcelona

Civil Protection has activated few hours ago the Special Plan for Emergencies by Maritime Pollution of Catalonia (CAMCAT) due to a fire that has affected at least four boats in the Port Fòrum of Sant Adrià del Besòs.

As a result so far, at least one is injured  by Inhalation of smoke. According to reports on Emergencies and Civil Protection, at the scene of the incident, six fire brigades from the Generalitat, several firefighters from Barcelona, ​​a rescue boat and one from the Red Cross, worked to extinguish the fire.

The fire has expanded  to four boats and that has created  a thick cloud of smoke. A person has been injured by mild smoke poisoning and  has been transferred to the nearby Hospital  in Barcelona.

In order to  control the fire, the affected boats  have been separated from the rest to prevent the fire from spreading further and containment barriers have been placed so that the damage does not extend from the port. Likewise, Port Fòrum has activated its Self-Protection Plan (PAU).


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