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catamaran was found

CAPE LOOKOUT, NC (WITN) - A missing catamaran yacht that capsized over five months ago in the Caribbean has been recovered off Cape Lookout. [ Video ] 

Fisherman spotted the "Leopard" some 25 miles off Lookout Wednesday morning.

The 57-foot catamaran was lost on November 21 some 400 miles north of the Dominican Republic. While the crew was all safe , the catamaran was never seen again, until Wednesday.

Sea Tow Crystal Coast is pulling the capsized boat back to Morehead City. They started the process last night, but say strong winds made that dangerous.

They resumed the towing this morning and are leaving the boat upside down because of how big it is.

Once in Morehead City, they will use cranes at the state port to help them flip it back out.

Sea Tow says this is one of the more complicated tows they have had to do.





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Source : WITN NBC

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