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Ukrainian  smugglers are using sailboats to get illegal migrants into the EU

Migrants are paying wealthy Ukrainian gangs more than £5,500 to smuggle them from Turkey to Italy on Sailboats. ( Video ) 

According to the border agency and Italian authorities, more than 2,000 have made the trip since the beginning of 2016. 

The multi-million pound operation sees the gangs - believed to be former members of the Ukrainian army - charge thousands for the journey which takes three or four days. 


Seven suspected illegal immigrants were arrested recently off the coast of Suffolk after their Sailboat got stuck in a mudbank after it was blown off course


The group, thought to be from the Ukraine, were on board a 28 foot sailing boat that was trying to get into the mouth of the River Ore in Suffolk from the North Sea when it got into difficulties in low water and strong winds.




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UK border force officials were called in and after the lifeboat towed the yacht up river to the jetty in Orford, the seven men were arrested and taken into custody. 

Almost exactly three years ago, six Ukranians were caught getting off a small boat at Orford Quay and three Ukranian nationals later received jail sentences of up to four years.

As border security along the Channel coast has been stepped up in recent years, smugglers have been forced to make much longer crossings from Europe and East Anglia has become a favourite target to land illegals.



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Source : Daily Mail UK 



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