Corpus Christi's Nina replica

After Hurricane Harvey's winds came through, Nina has been falling apart and is half way underwater. [ Video ] 

At this point, the Superintendent of the Corpus Christi Marina, Peter Davidson, has been in charge of what to do next with Nina. He says that the damage still needs to be assessed before deciding what to do with the ship in case moving it causes more harm to the structure. 

Many residents that live at the Marina are hopeful that Nina will be salvaged and that she just needs some tender, loving care.

"Take charge of this ship that's all she needs is some TLC, and you can't put something like this back together with a postage stamp. You know, it's gonna take some money but it's a beautiful piece of history," says 3 year Marina resident Preston E. Smith.

Smith believes this ship has been left here with no attention given, and now that she is half way under water, according to him, the only way to save her is to put money into her repairs. 

We reached out to the Columbus Sailing Association, who owns the ship, to see what their options are for the vessel. At this time, no comment has been given. 




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Source : KRISS TV