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Steps to Find an Event:


> View sailing events on this sailing events' interactive map.


>Enter in "Search by Sailing Area" the desired sailing area (eg "Ionian Islands Greece"), or search by event name.


>Use the sailing event category filter


>Zoom in or out to view more event marks.


>Click on each sailing event to read more details.


>Decide which event suits you.


>Contact the owner of the event or Book through our secure booking system.


>Enjoy the Event!

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MURAT KIZILKAYA has a new avatar. 5 hours 3 minutes ago

Are your boat batteries balanced?

If they're not properly wired you may be shortening their life span. One of the boat jobs we tackle this week is the re-wiring of our domestic battery bank for balanced charging and discharging.

Plus we dig even deeper into the keel issue and we now think that we have a final solution to make it ALL right again.

You can read all about that in this week's 'his' and...
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