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Sailing News

Storms damage boats, equipment in Tremont, Cleveland

sailboat that sank in Southwest Harbor

Harbormaster Justin Seavey was quite busy  the last two weekends. 

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British-Australian sailor admits to killing wife who went 'missing' from sinking Sailboat | VIDEO |

Lewis Bennett, husband of wife missing at sea, pleads guilty

Lewis Bennett has finally admitted to killing his wife after she mysteriously went missing

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Doctor dies after attack by a shark during sailing trip off Australia coast | Video |

Daniel Christidis was the third victim of a shark attack

Daniel Christidis, 33, a medical researcher from Melbourne,

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British tourists rescued when Sailboat got struck with lightning and caught on fire |Video|

British tourists have been rescued from their burning yacht after it was struck by lightning off Thailand

Nine Brits have been rescued from their burning Sailboat after it was struck by lightning.

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Adrift sailboat retrieved by King County Sheriff’s from bashing into some home yards

Sailboat adrift

The King County Sheriff’s Office Marine Rescue Dive Unit helped retrieve an errant, drifting sailboat

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Sailboat next to Hamble River Sailing Club caught fire | Hampshire, England

sailboat fire

Hampshire, England -  A small boat next to Hamble River Sailing Club caught fire in the harbour.

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Storm destroys hundreds of yachts in Rapallo and other parts of Italy | Video |

Heavy rain, high winds and waves up to 10 metres high battered the coastline overnight,

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Yachties' voyage turns into a rescue mission | Saving Micheline

Nicole and businessman Tobias Janke

Around-the-world yachting family whose voyage turned into a rescue mission

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Pictures show sinking Sailboat mast after ferry crash in Cowes Harbour | Video |

sinking yacht mast after ferry crash

A Red Falcon ferry crashed into ‘at least two’ small yachts in Cowes Harbour

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Body found of missing 31-year-old woman that fell off a Sailboat

Madeline Sinagra,

HALL COUNTY, Ga. - The Hall County Sheriff's office has confirmed that a body found in Lake Lanier

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Sailing News
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