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British tourists have been rescued from their burning yacht after it was struck by lightning off Thailand

Nine Brits have been rescued from their burning Sailboat after it was struck by lightning.

They were on board the 50ft (15m) chartered boat off the coast of Phuket when they ran into a tropical storm on Saturday.


The group ( from Scotland ) sheltered below deck but the yacht was hit by a lightning bolt.


A passing fishing boat helped the stricken crew and tourists, and no-one was injured.



Police received a mayday call at around 17:00 and coastguards were dispatched to the scene near the Thalang district.


Marine chief Wiwat Chitchertwong said all the holidaymakers - four married couples and another woman - were safely rescued.


Video footage showed the Beneteau-manufactured yacht Emmjay engulfed in flames.



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Source :  BBC 


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