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Sailboat found stranded in waves on Jersey Shore beach

[VIDEO] : A sailboat found mysteriously stranded on the beach in Sea Isle City

over the weekend is being removed by officials from the Jersey Shore town.

Katherine Custer, a spokeswoman for Sea Isle, said the boat is expected to be removed by Monday, though the ownership of the vessel remains unclear.

Drone video of the stranded boat getting battered by the waves on Sunday surfaced.

Stephen Bright said he was walking to the beach to shoot aerial footage in the hazy fog on Sunday when he saw a man attempting to rescue his boat. Bright said the man, who looked like an experienced sailor who hadn’t shaved in days, told Bright he was traveling from Connecticut to Florida and anchored off shore. But his anchor broke and the boat became beached near 60th Street in Sea Isle, Bright said.

Bright, a seasoned sailor from California, offered to lend the boat’s captain a hand, but the man had apparently already given up and may have been discouraged by a likely steep fee a towing company would charge. Bright said he had a similar experience on his boat when he was living on the West Coast.

“When I was in that position, it was very scary and it seemed no one was going to help me,” Bright said, noting he thought it was odd for someone to decline help for a boat that looked like it was in decent shape. 

“It’s very strange,” Bright said. “If it was working, that boat could have been worth $20,000 to $40,000.”



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Source :   N.J Online News 


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