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Yacht crew member who was bitten by a 1.5metre shark near Airlie Beach

Ryan Bowring was bitten twice on his right buttock and left hip.

The 25-year-old, who works for Southern Cross Sailing Adventures, told rescue crews how the suspected bronze whaler shark had a 'couple of goes at him'.    

Ryan Bowring was bitten twice on his right buttock and left hip near Hardy Reef, about 50km northeast of Queensland's Hamilton Island, at about 12.30pm after jumping off the 42-metre vessel. 

Critical care paramedics airlifted him from the popular reef in the Great Barrier Reef to Mackay Base Hospital at 1.45pm. He underwent surgery and remains in a stable condition.

They were penetrating teeth-like, multiple teeth-like marks, to the body,' Queensland Ambulance Service operations supervisor Shane Tucker , said.


Yacht crew member bitten by a shark after jumping into the water


'He actually swam back to the boat he came off, where the crew of the boat rendered first aid.'  


Yacht crew member bitten by a shark after jumping into the water



Yacht crew member bitten by a shark after jumping into the water


The Whitsundays region has been the site of a number of shark attacks in the last six months.

Victorian man Daniel Christidis, 33, died in November after being attacked at Cid Harbour during a trip with friends and colleagues.

That incident followed separate attacks - also at Cid Harbour - on Tasmanian woman Justine Barwick and Victorian 12-year-old Hannah Papps within just 24 hours in September.

There were 26 shark deaths in Australia between 2007-2018, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  

Hardy Reef is a popular tourist destination with ideal conditions for diving and snorkelling, but takes hours to reach via boat. 

The Queensland opposition is calling for more shark control equipment to be placed in the Whitsundays.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said people simply need to be 'shark-wise'.  


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Source: Daily Mail


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