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Two people, dog escape burning sailboat

A Victorian couple and their dog have escaped from their burning sailboat in Moreton Bay.  [ Video ]

The fire, believed to be sparked by an electrical fault, was reported about 5.30am on Friday and the vessel was on the south-western side of Moreton Island.


The sailboat was mostly a smouldering wreck when fire crews arrived but they extinguished the last of the flames and left just before 8am.

Police said the 64-year-old man and 53-year-old woman from Victoria and their jack russell, Charlie, escaped the inferno in their dinghy and were picked up by another nearby boat.


dog in sailboat fire


Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie Island radio operator Stewart Bell said he heard the first report of the fire radioed in by a nearby yacht.

He passed the information onto water police who responded.

A fire service spokesman said firefighters hitched a ride on a water police vessel out to the yacht, estimated to be 30 feet long, about 7.30am



Water police collected the couple and Charlie from the nearby yacht and took them back to the Port of Brisbane where they were assessed by paramedics.



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Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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