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sailboat aground

A 12 metre yacht ran aground today on Wonnerup Beach in Geographe.

The boat named “Saga” was spotted about 7.30am by Geographe resident Michael Everuss who knocked on the door to find a stranded sailor trapped inside.

Experienced sailor Phil Randall had been sailing from Albany to Bunbury when he was met by severe weather last night which broke his rotor and snapped his anchor chain.

Mr Randall was unaware of the damage until he woke up tilted on an angle this morning and said he had only bought the boat two weeks ago.

“I was anchored a few hundred metres out to shore and got myself in trouble last night in the storm,” he said.

“It’s not insured yet so it’s going to cost me a bit to repair I think.”

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Geographe Marine Salvage and Rescue Manager Luke Purdy said the yacht would have to be towed into Port Geographe for repairs.

“People should anchor down in weather like last night or come into the Marina to prevent any damage to their boats,” he said.

“We’ll get him into Port by the end of the day but it’ll cost him, his rotor doesn’t look too good.”

Good Samaritan Mr Everuss brought Mr Randall a coffee and Mcmuffin in a bid to improve his day.

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Source : The West ( AU ) 


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